Option #2: Create a Learning Aid about Workforce Retention

Option #2: Create a Learning Aid about Workforce Retention

For this assignment, assume that you are the new Director of Human Resources for a mid-sized healthcare organization. Due to potential business growth and expansion, your organization is planning to hire a significant number of new employees. In anticipation of this major hiring drive, you want to create information resources that will help managers understand the importance of the retention of good employees.


  1. Create a slide presentation to serve as a learning aid for managers. Incorporate both text and images.
  1. Include the following topics in the presentation:
  • Explain why retention processes are vital in healthcare workforce planning.
  • Explain the role and importance of compensation and reward.
  • Describe an effective retention process.

Include a minimum of five (5) references, three (3) of which are peer-reviewed sources. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources. Your slide presentation must include 8-10 slides, containing both images and text, as well as speaker notes for each slide. You may use PowerPoint or an internet-based presentation tool, such as Prezi or Slide Rocket. (Be sure to include the URL of your presentation when using an internet-based tool. Paste the URL into a Word document and upload it with your presentation.) You can find additional guidelines on making presentations in the CSU-Global Library. Format your slide presentation according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

This is not a paper this is a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION

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