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There are many differences between the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament can be describe as the foundation and the New Testament builds on the foundation set forth by the old. The Old Testament contains the stories of Adam and Eve, Moses, Abraham and Noah. These stories help enforce, the law or the ten commandments set forth for the people. The New Testaments contains Gospels that also enforce the commandments in different ways. “The Old Testament also contains many prophecies that are fulfilled in the new.” (Old Testament vs The New,2018). The Old Testament spoke about “messiah”, who would sacrifice himself for the greater good.In the New Testament Jesus is sent to us by his father, God and ultimately has to sacrifice himself

As we celebrate Easter and Passover we are reminded of both Testaments and the teaching that the provided us. ” In the first five centuries Christianity, debate was frequent until these beliefs had been clearly formulated in statements of faith.”( Molloy,2013). Now a days many Christians believe in the old testament, but also the commandments based on the stories of the New Testament .

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