nutrition for children – sport drink

1.  Children tend to be “picky eaters”, which may influence their intake of vitamins and minerals. How can you get a toddler, child, ‘tween’ or teen to eat a well-balanced diet to avoid potential deficiencies?  Begin by selecting one of the age categories above. First provide some of your own ideas. Next, do some internet research on the subject and provide a few ideas that you found from your research. Be sure to include the web link as your reference. (Responses that are copied and pasted from the internet will not receive any credit.)

2.  Many athletes drink Gatorade when working out and exercising.  Take a look at the nutritional value of Gatorade (or any sports drink).  Many of these drinks have a very high content of sugar, and no vitamin or mineral content aside from electrolyte minerals.  What are the pros and cons of drinking a sports drink?  When are they really necessary? What are your thoughts on the benefit of drinking sports drink over water, if any? Please include reference.

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