NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training, health and medicine homework help

Course Project

Background information:

You are enrolled in Troy University’s Sport and Fitness Management Program and just completed this weight training course. You are ready to demonstrate your knowledge. With the acquired knowledge of the course, text and outside research develop/ design a basic but thorough six week resistance strength training program along with any other health/ fitness components and recommendation for a new member of Total Health Center.

This new member a 53 year old male, has no apparent injuries, and appears healthy. He enjoys hiking, swimming, canoeing, biking, and fishing. His weekly cardiovascular exercise routine is hiking once a week (3-4 miles), a half mile easy swim, and a 8-10 mile bike ride. His only strength training consists of a few push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups 3 times a week. His goal is to keep doing the things he likes, stay healthy and improve his overall fitness and conditioning so he is interested in doing strength training along with any other advice/ recommendations, guidelines on modes of exercise and diet you can provide. Base your project presentation from a personal trainer perspective of optimal fitness along with other fitness components specifics from your text reading:

Strength Training Program Requirements:

List strength training exercises you would recommend and why?

What additional components/ factors should be added and why?

What specific basic nutritional/ diet considerations should be included?/ why.

Frequency of program/ why?

Intensity of program/ Why?

Time of program/ why?

Why you chose this program?

How long would he stay on this program?

What results could he expect from this routine?

This is your course project! You should put some time, research and thought into this assignment. Your finished product and presentation should not be in a question answer format and inclusive of all new client components as discussed in textbook.

The project is worth a possible 75pts total: 60- required content/ 10- clear, orderly, concise presentation of material/ information/ 5- creativity (chart, photos, graphs).

The questions stated above are only to be used as guides for your plan. You have the entire term to complete this project so the finished product should be outstanding!

If you can find this book NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training, Chp. 15 provides information on program design sequential steps.

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