note taking strategies

This exercise offers the opportunity to practice taking notes using different strategies.

Step 1: View the following strategies for note-taking: Cornell Note Template (Attached), Outline Method (Attached) or from the text you can use the Think Link or Charting methods. Select the strategy that works best for you or try one that is new to you.

Step 2: Select and watch *one* of the following clips. Each clip addresses different memory strategies. Take notes using your preferred note taking strategy.

Students share some of their favorite memory strategies in the following clip: (video opens in new tab, runs 3:36)

A psychologist shares information on improving memory by using mnemonic devices in the following clip: (video opens in new tab, runs 8:42, captions available)

Tony Buzan describes his technique of mind mapping in the following clip: (video opens in new tab, runs 5:39, captions available)

Step 3: Take one page of notes on the video using the method you identified in Step 1.

Step 4: Write a 250-word response paper addressing the following:

  • Describe your *three* favorite memory strategies and how you successfully apply the strategies to help you remember.
  • Describe which strategies will you will implement now that you have watched the video, and how you are going to do so.
  • Provide feedback on the note-taking strategy you used and its effectiveness.

Please include a word count at the end of your document. Save your document to your computer and submit it in the drop box below. Remember to submit either a Word document or RTF file.

Step 5: For this assignment you need to submit *both* documents to the drop box below. If you opted to not use the web tools to take your notes, scan and upload your notes to the drop box.

  • Your notes from the memory video you selected.
  • Your response paper to memory strategies and note-taking methods.
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