need the book the rules of attraction by bret easton ellis assignment read below please

Read pgs. 123-182 of Bret Easton Ellis’ The Rules of Attraction

For your reading response (since this is a longer section), answer Parts I, II, and III. Aim for about a page and half total. If you get to two pages, stop yourself there.

Part I: Think about point of view:

Who speaks in first person? Where does it switch to 3rd person, and why do you think Ellis plays with point of view this way?

Part II: Think about the timeline:

Why start the novel at the Dressed to Get Screwed Party and then go back in time leading up to and after that same party? Is the first scene actually the climax of the novel? Why do you think the novel is designed this way?

Part III: Mock or pay homage to Ellis’ writing style by writing a narrative section for either Candice, Mitchell, Judy, or Franklin (who don’t get their own sections). Remember, there’s really no wrong way of doing this.

Also keep in mind, Mid-Term Grades will be posted March 9 by 5pm. Sign in to your myDCC to view. If you are worried about your grade, email me over break and I will let you know what you’re missing. Spring Break is a good opportunity to get caught up/make things up. *Mid-term grades will be pretty low at this point since we’re about a week behind schedule. What went into your Mid-term grade was: attendance, journals, homeworks, and the literacy narrative=45% of the course completed at this point. That being said, if you are missing any of those components, chances are your grade is quite low.

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