Need help with periodic table assignment

11which of the following has the largest atomic radius F- ,F, Cl-. or Cl





12 which of the following has the greatesr first ionization energy Li, Be, B, or C





13 how did demitri Mendeleev deal with elements that had not bee discovered

he ignored them placing them in the table and shifting others when they were discovered

he gave them names and properties and placed them in the table

he left blanks for them in his periodic table as he predicted they would be discovered

he created them in his lab and placed them in the table

14 which of the following elements have the properties similar to those of astatine





15 what istrue of the ionic size of the elements in agroup as one moves from top to bottom in that group

ionic size increases from top to bottom within the group

ionic size stays the same within the group

ionic size does not vary in any predicitable way withni the group

ionic size decreases from top to bottom within the group

16 how many valance electrons are in the outermost shell of the halogens





17 which of the following ststements explains why alkali metals sre so highly reactive

alakali metals have 2 valance electrons

the outermost shell of an alkali metal is one electron away from being complete

alakali metals have 8 valance electrons

alkali metals have one valance electron

18chlorine needs one more electron to fill its outer shell what is the name of the group to which chlorine belongs


alkaline earth metals

alkali metal

noble gas

19 for the A groups (groups 1A to BA) how does the group number relate to the electron arrangement in atoms of the group

the group number is equal to the number of valance electrons

the group number is equal to the charge on the ions

the group number is eqaul to the block number of the sublevel

the group number is equal to the number of electrons in the element

20 what is the electron configuration of an electrically neutral alkali metal

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