Need help to critically assess arguments relevant to bioethics topics.

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Assignment: Read CAREFULLY the attached article by John Harris, and analyze it as follows:

Your paper should have two parts. In part ONE briefly lay out the main argument of the text as you did in assignment one. In part TWO, choose one or two of the author’s major claim(s). Subject it/them to critical analysis and offer a well-reasoned and well-supported set of objections (but not a complete counterargument). What problems (if any) do you see in the author’s argument(s)? What assumptions is he making? Are these questionable or problematic? Are the conclusions compelling? Satisfying? Problematic? Why or why not?

REMINDER: this is NOT a research assignment. You do not need to (and SHOULD NOT) bring in any outside texts or resources. However, because Harris does not provide complete details about the technique in question, you may find useful background here:

Papers should be 12 pt font, double-spaced and approximately 2 pages in length, 1-inch margins. Your name should be included at the top of the first page. There is no need to cite the Harris article except if you quote from it.

In order to complete this assignment, it may be helpful to employ a template for critical analysis. Brief templates are available at

Evaluation: Assessment will be based on

(1) Accuracy of interpretation/evidence of understanding,

(2) Clarity of expression,

(3) Quality of critical analysis.

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