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Be sure to include a list of resources consulted. All of your sources must be reliable! If you use an internet source not located in a library database, you must we certain it is a reliable website for academic research.

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Fertility/Mother Goddess: Compare and contrast fertility, mother, or earth mother goddesses in two different cultures. Comparison should include what they look like, what their origins (theogony) are, and what their role is within their pantheon of gods. Suggestions include: Kali (Hindu), Amaterasu (Japan), Lakshmi (Hindu), Ceres (Roman), Pi-hsia-yuan-chun (China), Ala (Africa-Ibo), XochiQuetzal (Aztec), Freya (Norse), Danu (Irish), Uma (Hindu), Bast(et) (Egyptian), Pachamama (Inca), Asase Yaa (Africa), or Ixchel (Maya).

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