Need environmental science help wit the sea rise

What aspect of contemporary environmental concerns do you feel might interest Rachel Carson most?  Explain that problem and what you know of its causes in detail. Then tell about any possible solutions or remedies.

You MUST turn in a double-spaced paper copy as well as submit the file to BlackBoard SafeAssign! See the Final Paper item in the Content section in BlackBoard.

Research your topic using at least 3 sources, offering in-text citations from them and listing them on a Work Cited list at the end of your paper. Your references must include no Wikis and no blogs and you must not use any sites offering complete essays or term papers. Be sure to use quotation marks and provide a citation for any exact quotations. Give a citation for the source of any specific facts or body of information you use by putting it into your own words.

Your text should be at least one and a half to two pages with 12 point type and no more than one inch margins, plus an additional page of your references. 

I need two pages

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