module 8 community educational project evaluation and reflection 1



Briefly summarize your project: How was the assessment completed? Who was your target audience and how many were in the audience? What was your topic? How did you determine what your topic should be (justification)? When and where did you present the community education project? Who gave you permission to present at the location, was the permission form completed? How did you advertise your presentation? What educational materials did you use or provide to the audience? (Provide ID of yourself and action picture for proof.)


Explain how you would evaluate whether the efforts to improve the health concern were effective. Include in your explanation the tools you might use to do this evaluation. Also, critically appraise your performance of the activity/project for this population. How did the population respond? What aspects were you most satisfied/least satisfied with? What went well (at least 3 things)? What changes would you make in the future (at least 2 things)?


For nurses, reflection is integral to higher-level thinking. You should be able to critically analyze scenarios and possible outcomes as opposed to simply asking the right questions. Acute perception of the entire situation will be obtained because you are open to dealing with the contradictions that may challenge your initial bias. Reflect on how your perspective of the community’s health and the national, state, and local efforts toward a healthier population has changed as a result of your fieldwork. Discuss the health of the target community population compared to national, state, local health findings. Discuss how the interventions used would impact at the local, state, and national level (include information on your chosen Healthy People 2020 goals). Finally, what impact did your project have on your target population?

  1. Please submit a recorded presentation of between 7 and 9 minutes that is a reflection of the project based on a full representation of all three parts above. You may video yourself discussing the project or you may create a PowerPoint presentation and record your voice to the presentation. Use a recording platform of your choice and either upload as an mp4 or share the link directly to the video in the dropbox. ***Please do not record as voice-over PowerPoint because this cannot be saved in mp4 format or a link.*** If you submit your assignment as a powerpoint with voice over recording you will not receive credit for your assignment (or partial credit as you did not meet the full requirements of the assignment.The presentation should include at least two scholarly sources other than provided materials. Please be sure to provide a photo of you at the location where you completed your education project and your ID again. You may submit your Reference page and photos in a separate file in the dropbox or insert them into the PowerPoint.


175 points

(157.5 – 175 pts)

Thorough summary of the project. Audience and assessment described. Topic of presentation was completely explained and justified as appropriate for audience. Reported when and where presentation was completed with pictures as proof. Provided legal picture ID. Provided written permission from authorized individual at site. Fully described advertising of the presentation and materials used during presentation. Reported number of participants in the audience, along with detailed description of audience.

125 points

(112.5 – 125 pts)

Excellent explanation of plan for evaluation of effectiveness of the project can be completed. Multiple tools for evaluation included. Thorough reflection of presentation performance including at least three things that went well and two things that could be improved upon in the future. Complete description of audience reaction.

125 points

(112.5 – 125 pts)

Health of target community population compared to national, state, and local health. Full description of the possible impact of presentation on health of target community. Discussion of interventions at local, state, and national level, including Healthy People 2020 goals

50 points

(45 – 50 pts)

Style and voice are not only appropriate to the given audience and purpose, but also show originality and creativity. Tone and inflection emphasize material and add meaning to the presentation. Word choice is specific, purposeful, dynamic and varied. No fillers (such as um or uh) used. Appropriate volume and pausing add interest. Speaker is clearly in command of standard, academic English.

25 points

(22.5 – 25 pts)

Project submitted in mp4 format or as an attached link.

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