Modernizing Health Information Infrastructure Using AHIMA’s Data Quality Model

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Modernizing Health Information Infrastructure Using AHIMA’s Data Quality Model

Scenario: The flow of patient care must run efficiently and effectively from the point of admission to discharge. Clinical and Administrative health care teams greatly rely on the availability of complete and accurate data to examine, diagnosis, devise a treatment plan, and monitor the patient’s outcome/or response to the prescribed health care plan. As a participating member of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), you were appointed to serve on a global health workforce aimed at developing a Data Quality Management System similar to that of AHIMA’s DQM Model to assist in modernizing health information infrastructures in other countries. The final product to submit is a proposed Health Record Content & Documentation Checklists & Procedures that includes all items in following list. Submit one (1) single Microsoft Word document


  • Compare and contrast the American Health Information Management Association’s (AHIMA’s) Data Quality Management Model (DQM) in comparison to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) Data Quality Framework (DQF) aka Six Dimensions of Quality (
  • Assess the effectiveness of both models by developing two (2) separate data quality checklists based on the AHIMA DQM Model and CIHI Data Quality Framework, to be used, randomly, for the evaluation of a sampling of inpatient health records. The results yielded from the assessment will be used as a tool in the development of a data quality management system. The checklists must assess each data quality characteristic from the two models and include at least two (2) measures to assess each data quality characteristics. A checkbox for each measure, along with a comment box to record any findings, recommendations and/or notes must be included on the checklists.
  • In a written one (1) to two (2) page summary, address the following:
  • Summarize significant limitations found with either model
  • A final recommendation to submit to AHIMA’s global health workforce
  • Discuss any concerns in the development and/or use of the data quality checklists

Use the Data Quality checklist, provided below, as a sample to assist you as you develop your data quality checklists.

Sample “Data Quality Checklist:

Data Quality Characteristics:

Data Quality Measure(s):

Select Yes or No if the record meet the data quality measures:



· The patient name and medical record number is included on each form

· A data a signature is present throughout the entire record

Yes____ No____

Yes____ No____

References & Resources:

Medical Nomenclatures and Vocabularies

Clinical Vocabularies: Essential to the Future of Health Information Management:

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