Mission Statement

A mission and/or vision statement is essential to a successful project implementation. If there is not a mission or vision statement identified, it is hard to measure the effectiveness of the project or organization. Example: This is the Mission Statement for the Chicago Bulls basketball team: CHICAGO BULLS MISSION STATEMENT The Chicago Bulls organization is a sports entertainment company dedicated to winning NBA Championships, growing new basketball fans, and providing superior entertainment, value and service. Research a healthcare facility that you have interest in and identify their mission statement. Explain what goals and/or objectives are stated in this organization and how it helps you understand the purpose of this facility. If you were asked to create the mission statement for this facility how would it look? How important do you feel a mission statement is in the public eye? Allegheny Health Network Mission Statement: Highmark Health is an interdependent system designed to deliver high quality, accessible, understandable and affordable experiences, outcomes and solutions for our customers. 1 page, approx. 200 words

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