minimum of four citations

Read the following articles and write a 4- to 5-page paper that summarizes the socioeconomic determinants of kidney disease among ethnic minorities. Be sure that your analysis incorporates a discussion of the role of social attitudes with regard to race/ethnicity and class as a potential contributor to ESRD-related health disparities.

Nzerue, C.M., Demissachew, H., & Tucker, J.K. (2002). Race and kidney disease: Role of social and environmental factors. Journal of the National Medical Association, 94(8), S28-S39.

Tareen, N., Zadshir, A., Martins, D., Pan, D., Nicholas, S., & Norris, K. (2005). Chronic kidney disease in African American and Mexican American populations. Kidney International, 68(S97),S137-S140.

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