Middle Tennessee Quantitative Research for Clinical Decision Making Paper

Choose one published quantitative research study that has relevance to your PICOT question.You must attach a PDF of the article you selected with your post. Read the article and answer the following questions in the Discussion Forum:

Include the citation for your article in APA format.

1. What key words did you use when conducting your search?

2. What was the study design?

3. Describe the level of the research design on the evidence hierarchy (use the Rating System for the Hierarchy of Evidence for Intervention/Treatment Questions in Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt, pg. 11)?

4. Why was the study done?

5. Describe the process of determining the validity, reliability, and applicability of this study design

6. What does this research mean for clinical practice and how did the findings of this research help to answer your PICOT question?

I will post the article that will be used to answer the questions along with the Rating system for the Hierarchy of Evidence

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