microsoft ms access 1

Supplemental Prep Assignment. This assignment requires students to complete training/research for a selected course topic. Required Submission: Each student will be required to submit a write-up of work completed. Write-ups must be properly prepared, formatted, and submitted in accordance with instructions in the “Assignment Policies” documents posted on Blackboard. Write-ups must be submitted to Blackboard before 10:00 AM on the submission deadline date indicated on the course syllabus or otherwise announced in class. Late, emailed, or hardcopy write-ups will NOT be accepted.


Synthesize an understanding of Microsoft (MS) Access. MS Access is available in selected computer labs (see Blackboard). The following resources have been posted to Blackboard or are available online.

Briefly respond to the following:

  • Microsoft (MS) Access. Review MS Access basic functions.
  • Alternatives to MS Access. Identify one alternative to MS Access. Compare the alternative’s capabilities to MS Access’ capabilities. Is the alternative you selected comparable? Explain.
  • Business Uses of Databases. List one significant business use of desktop databases. Explain and comment on the significance of the identified database use for accounting practice. Hint: Search for “accounting uses of databases” and/or “business uses of databases”.
  1. MS Access Atomic Learning Tutorials. Complete the Access 2016 tutorials: All (required). List the modules completed and provide a brief summary of what you learned within each module (Note: You do not have to provide a synopsis of each individual tutorial video within each module).
  2. MS Access. Open MS Access and explore the software. Summarize core structure, elements, and capabilities of the application.
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