Metabolic Specificity, health and medicine homework help

I need help to answer q from Nasm

Define the following terms:

a) Principles of Specificity-

b) OTS-

c) Neuromuscular Specificity-

d) Metabolic Specificity-

e) Overload Principle-

f) Principle of Variation-

What is the rational of Support Integrated Training?

How does the OPT model and Integrated training relate to each other?

Based on principles of flexibility, explain in your on words how do we improve our flexibility?

How could we find out the right method to prescribe aerobic exercise intensity?

What is core training? Why is important?

What does SAQ stands for?

Define the following term:

a) Hyperthrophya

b) Power

c) Single set system

d) Multiple-set system

e) Pyramid system

f) Superset system

g) Circuit-training system

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