management strategy performance

Task 1:(1 Page, 3 references)

(a) Develop a summary and relate the following topics to our professional careers (1 Page, 3 references)

(b) Research a current event that is related to the below topics.You should use the Internet; electronic news agencies or journals to research a current event (1 Page, 3 references)

Topics: Organizational Behavior and Your Personal Effectiveness/Describing yourself and your style: Expanding your self-Awareness/Success through People Management/Becoming great people manager/Organizational Behavior/A model of self management. Learning & Personal Improvement

Task 2: (See below sub-tasks for requirements)

(a) Develop a summary for the below paper (1 Page, 3 references)

(b) In a 2 to 3 page APA formatted written report, address the following concepts by providing in-depth analysis and details pertaining to implementation and strategic planning: (2-3 Page Paper with 6 references)

1. Differentiate between Information Systems (IS) and Management Information Systems (MIS). Identify some research areas in MIS, and provide an example.

2. Describe how IS can play a vital role in the competitive strategy of an organization.

3. Explain the importance of having a cross-functional enterprise architecture.

4.Describe how a data warehouse is created and utilized in an organization and explain the challenges and value of big data.

5.Describe the relationships between the concepts presented in this assignment, and how they contribute to the strategic direction of an organization.

Task 3: (1 Page, 3 references)

A variety of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have integrated social media networks in an effort to competitive. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are used as marketing and communications platforms that transcend the Internet. Do some research and find an example (current) of this digital strategy in action and discuss.

Hint: Many CRM systems are integrating social networking technologies to improve customer relationships. Search several social networking sites such as Face- book, Twitter, and YouTube to identify how a specific company such as Dell, Coca-Cola, or McDonald’s is using social media to interact with customers.

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