M1 Ch1 Assignment

Debunking Myths (1 page)

There is diversity and several individuals that break the mold when it comes to the myths and misconceptions that fuel our view of this segment of the population. This assignment is on an elderly person you know or a proposed elderly person that doesn’t live the typical assumed like of an elderly person. I.E. they are still active with exerciing sports hobbies extracurricular activities traveling etc.


  1. Read the story of “Joe” (attached) and then think about your own elderly person that can break the mold.
    • Tell “your own story” of how a member of the elderly population changed your perception of what the elderly are all about
  2. Write your own story about someone you know that is elderly, or possibly, just someone that “can break the mold” that was the intentions of the original ACES material.
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