Logic Models Practice Sheet (Zika Virus)

OL3-Chapter Assignment Ch 2, Sect 1-CTB

The whole assignment (grant) is about Zika Virus as a problem. By using this link you need to go as mentioned above.


This assignment is based on chapter 2-Logic Model section AND the slides/class discussion on logic models. You should be able to complete problem, potential reasons, potential solutions, outcomes. This is only the first several steps of the Logic Model. You may be able to use your grant to help fill in the rest(I will be upload my grant as well so you have an idea about it).

Also, for this assignment you just need to do the following on the document (Practice Sheet): 1, 2, 3 and 4a. For 4a, you just need to copy and paste Outcomes and the goals as mentioned in the grant assignment which (I will upload below).

Also, I will upload the lesson summary. This document explains what you need to do to prepare for the class. When you click on the folder, all material for the class will be present.

You need also to mention the risk factors that I will upload as a picture with green flash cards for (Zika Virus), and you may also discuss more than these I will upload.

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