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Step 1. Background.

The end goal for this project is to develop argumentative thesis that will be presented in poster format. The first part is to form groups of 2-4

The second part in your groups (2-4), develop a preliminary research question that is based onan idea for programming or service around any social issues that people face and is within the realm of what leisure service agencies such as those you saw during the bus ride are feasibly capable of addressing. Think of this as a Program Proposal.

The first recommended step is to do some background research/literature search. Think of a broader social issue that your group’s ideas might be linked to and use the search tools within the IU system to locate sources that discuss or studied it.

Secondly, based on this initial step, your proposal will be a more refined and specific articulation of the broader social issue. The proposal must take a position on the social issue in order to provide a program or service for it and what could be done to address or overcome it.Think of your bus ride observations in your pre-work:  That is, for those leisure resources that you observed on your trip, do intrapersonal, interpersonal, and/or structural constraints (see textbook) prohibit people’s participation? How? And most importantly, who is most responsible?

In narrowing or refining your research question based on the above background research: Think of different words or phrasing. How did the sources you located discuss the social issues? Unique terminology, concepts, or focus? Make use of the R110 Library Guide:http://iub.libguides.com/r110 (Links to an external site.) 

The third part is to locate background sources related to your final research question, as this source search is different from your preliminary research question background research. Since you now have a refined articulation and understanding of the social issue, position, and service/programmatic ideasfind 5 relevant sources to your question2-3 peer reviewed sources on the social issue; 2 reports, periodicals, or other scholarly source on the program or service response to the social issue; and, possibly 1 argumentative/counter argument.

Draft your working program/service proposal, a 250-500 word introduction and explanation of your research question.

Step 2. Poster.

Based on the thesis, students (in small groups) will create a poster featuring a leisure service provider for a programmatic/service-related response to the social issues. 

The poster should be aesthetically pleasing with an appropriate use of spacing, color, and photos.  Of equal importance to aesthetics is the quality of the content related to the specific area of interest. The ideal poster will be informative, concise, and pleasing to the eye.  Students may choose the format on the following slide. It is expected that all will look different, and creativity is encouraged.

The poster should demonstrate students’ knowledge and understanding of  course content on leisure, while citing scholars in the field. Some specific areas to address may include a combination of the following: definitions of sustainability, leisure equity, cultural differences, leisure across the lifespan, social responsibility. The challenge is to present information in a concise, yet compelling manner (ensuring the reader is convinced of knowledge). Because of the project focus on constraints and the course focus on sustainability special attention needs to be given to,

¡he access to opportunity for the intended service populations. 

Justifying the provision of services to the intended service population while possibly excluding other populations.

Think of the type of sources you encountered, your group discussions, and any other course content that has contributed to this programmatic/service-related response.

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