ldst 330 ethics week 3 assignment 1

Assignment #3

WEEK THREE: Social Responsibility, Globalization and Poverty

Chapter 4: Corp. Social Responsibility, Review Cases 4.1; 4.3.

Chapter 5: Globalization and Christian Ethics, Review Case 5.2.

Assignment – Be prepared to answer these questions:

  1. What is the role & purpose of the corporation in society?
  2. What is social responsibility? Where does corporate social responsibility cross over to blatant marketing?
  3. What is Milton Friedman’s perspective? Do you agree that a corporation sole goal is to maximize shareholder wealth?
  4. Are managers as agents more responsible to the firm’s principle owners or to a broader constituency? Is it only the firm’s owners who can determine what to do with the organization’s finances?
  5. Describe the interchange between Mackey and Rodgers regarding their view of profits.
  6. Compare the stakeholder model to the shareholder model ascribed to by Friedman and Rodgers. Does clarification by ownership of the appropriate model provide enough guidance for managers in addressing social concerns?
  7. Name 5 things the Bible says about Economic Systems.
  8. Can Globalization be deemed a “success” and “morally legitimate” if it has led to the domination by major corporations of fragile national resources and large profits while they “do no harm?”
  9. Which dimension of Niebuhr’s “types” is represented in Rundle’s article ?
  10. Is capitalism “immoral” or have we embraced it as a “Christian” system?
  11. Does it matter that the economic systems in biblical times were different than the systems in place today (in terms of Biblical mandates like the year of Jubilee, laws about gleaning the fields, etc.)?

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