IWCC More Legal Challenges Over Gray Wolves, Grizzly Bears by Laura Bies

Please read “More legal challenges over gray wolves, grizzly bears” by Laura Bies (2019): (Links to an external site.)

Please watch these videos on gray wolves: How Wolves Change Rivers (Links to an external site.)

and Wolves at the Door (Links to an external site.)

Based on lecture material, your textbook, and Internet research, do you think gray wolves should be returned to the full protection of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), or, outside of National Parks, should state wildlife agencies keep wolf populations under control by hunting/ trapping? Explain your answer.

Would you support the decision to reintroduce gray wolves in Iowa? Why or why not?

Please answer the question (at least 250 words) and respond to at least three of your classmate’s posts.

Make sure to cite your sources.

Users must post before seeing replies.

35 pts.

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