itcc121 article summary


Find one article on any course related topic (computer or information technology). The article should be relevant to a course topic and from a creditable source. Topics include:

Computer Basics and the Internet, System and Application Software, Hardware, Input and Output Systems, Communications, networks and Security, Personal Technology, Database and Information Systems, Systems Analysis and Programming.

You may choose your article from independent reading and research; or you may search the Internet. Also consider the following:

Summarize the article in your own words and include information in your paper on how the article relates to course concepts. Discuss the course material. Demonstrate you have read the course content and you understand how to relate your research to current events. Use the appropriate APA citation to illustrate when you move from the article summary to material from the course content.

Submission Instructions:

Written communication is an essential tool for any professional. As with any skill, writing well is the result of practice followed by feedback and the use of relevant and appropriate sources. Therefore, the quality of writing is graded as part of this assignment. See your syllabus for more guidelines. It is easy for students to plagiarize – cut and paste right into a text document.

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