it s a discussion board i just need you to give your personal opinion in 3 sentences for each discussions

Discussion #1

I work part-time for a small, minimum security business (ticket taking. Parking control, etc.). It’s not a great job and several people who started with or after me have quit. Management likes things done by the book as mush as reasonable since a lost client means a lack of income. One night after a job, I told my team leader I was considering quitting. She begged me to stay and I have. My philosophy is, “They pay us enough to do our job, but not enough to care!” This segues into this week’s chapter (I’ve corrected the textbook link). Attitudes, personalities and work behaviors internally impact organizations. Sometimes for the good; sometimes for the negative. A church member of mine was discussing an incident at the Wal-Mart where he worked. He was telling someone a 22 year-old co-workers had a job setting up the doughnut display in the morning. He said that on this particular Saturday morning, the girl had done her job but her manager told her he didn’t like the display. The manager wasn’t harsh, rude or angry . he was expressing his opinion. My friend said the girl snatched off her Wal-Mart name tag, slammed it on the counter and quit on the spot. One thing the modern manager has to be concerned with is that there are generations who have little problem job hopping thus leaving the organization in a bind. Back to my job, when the State Fair came, the command center posted a sign asking if people would take on additional shifts? I suppose they found some but the workers I talked to as well as myself were like. “No thanks!” We don’t like the way we’re treated or the lack of communication between management and staff so, few of us answered to call to duty.

What can management do to make employees change their negative attitude about their employer and create a positive work environment?

Discussion #2

As previously mentioned, managers often took the attitude that their word was law never to be challenged. And one of the best examples of this I can think of comes from the movie “Kill Bill” wherein a subordinate is challenging the leader’s acceptance into the organization. I apologize for the language used and viloence protrayed but the clip does underscore the way management thought and acted for years. Watch the clip and you’ll understand the basic philosophy of management was for years:

I am sure that we can all agree the action taken by the leader was too extreme. How should the situation have been handled?

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