issue background 500-750 words, environmental science homework help

you need work on this paper twice, because my partner and i need submit this each with one brief and with same issue, so you need use 2 writing style to write two papers for each 500-750 words, one you can use a simple language, one you can use maybe more complex words and sentences.

  1. Choose an environmental issue (local, regional or global) that you are both interested in researching.
  2. Decide who the audience is for your policy brief. (is it a local public servant, a state-level policymaker, a federal policymaker, a member/delegate of an international organization, etc.) This will help you to determine the scope/geographic scale at which you analyze the issue.
  3. Once you have decided on an environmental issue and the scale at which you will look at the issue begin writing the “Issue Background/Context” section for the policy brief.
  4. The issue background should be 500-750 words in length, double-spaced, and include:
    1. A clear statement of the problem or issue in focus. (for example: agriculture production and groundwater contamination from fertilizer, oil/gas production and methane emissions, etc.)
    2. A short overview of the root causes of the problem. Is it an issue of overconsumption (source function degradation)? Is it an issue of excessive pollution (sink function degradation)? Who are the important stakeholders involved (what businesses, industries, consumers, or activities cause the problem; who or what communities are effected by the problem)?
    3. A clear statement of the policy implications of the problem that clearly establishes the current importance and policy relevance of the issue (Why does this issue need to be addressed?).

In this part you do not need to recommend a policy tool yet, instead think about whether, the issue has recently become important due to widespread concern due to an accident, a recent scientific study that links the issue to public health or environmental quality impacts, an increase in public concern etc. The idea is, why has this issue become important, and why it may warrant a response from government. (establishes the current importance)

You should reference, at a minimum, 4 peer reviewed journal articles, 2 report-type documents (for example, a report put out by an advocacy group, or government agency, etc.), and 2 newspaper articles in this section. (most important!)

After reading the policy brief background, the reader should have a clear understanding of what the issue is, at what scale the problem is being analyzed, a basic understanding of how the issue is produced (often this will include some scientific discussion. For example, if you are talking about climate change, you would provide a brief discussion of the greenhouse effect), why the issue is an important policy issue to consider.

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