intro to C++ programming, computer science homework help

Use Project I code you have developped, Modify it to implement an Automated Management System that can also read from file in a store Management System (object) with the following capabilities:

Read Input from File (10 pts) : Sample Input File is Provided

Write all Console output to a File (10 pts)

Maintain the Inventory and price of items in the store in an Array (10 pts)

Implement a point of sale menu for customer purchases (10 pts)

Provide a summary of daily sales and revenues in a report style format (10 pts), by categories and then grand total (10 pts)

The goods offered for sale in a merchants shop (with fixed prices) are: Bananas ($2.50), Oranges ($1.95), Apples ($2.85), Milk ($3.89), Bread ($1.25), Cake ($5.20), Light Bulbs ($1.30), and extension cords ($3.99). Please augment at least 5 or more additional items.

Create a working computer program in C++ programming language: 10 points

Write a Project Report with the following section at a minimum with meaningful content: Background and Introduction, Problem Statement, Solution & Algorithm, Discussion and Analysis, Future Work and Conclusion. 20pts

Comment your code and identify with explanation where each of the following features is implemented in your computer program: (10 pts)

Use Arrays to represent your Data, Pointers use to navigate your arrays, Read/Write to File, Parts of a computer program, Declarations, use of Function Declarations / Functions Definition/Function Call, Objects Definition, use of Objects, use of Control Statements (while/Do-While Loop, for Loop, Use of if / if-else, switch, others), use of Relational Operators, Use of Logical Operators, Use of Compound Operators, use of Calculator methods and data members via access operator, formating methods and operators/functions. (20 points Bonus if all features are implemented),

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