Interview Outline and interview “Looking for Robert F Only”

Contact a health care professional (executive leader, middle manager, supervisor, lead, administrator, or other) whom you would like to interview. Request a 30- to 45-minute interview, and be specific about its purpose. This description suggests an approach to preparing for the interview to ensure your success. If you plan and prepare prior to requesting the interview, you will be clear about the purpose, you will have questions ready, and you will stay on track. As a result, you will be able to decrease any apprehension that you might otherwise experience.

Interview Outline Requirements

For this assignment, complete and submit an Interview Outline with the following information:

State the purpose of the interview, describing the topic and the focus.

Provide the name and type of health care organization ( I chose Fort Stewart, GA, WINN Army Community Hospital, Fort Stewart, GA).

Introduce the person you will interview (title and also name, if interviewee permits).

Provide a brief description of the interviewee’s scope of responsibility.

Outline your agenda and planned approach.

List all planned interview questions, including those that you have developed on your own.

Here are some initial questions you might use in your interview. You will also need additional questions to complete the assignment:

How long have you worked in the health care industry?

What are your current roles and responsibilities?

We are learning about changing demographics and the growth of underrepresented cultural groups. To what extent have you experienced these changes in the patient population you serve?

To what extent have you encountered situations in which patients have problems with access or other barriers to quality health care?

How do you view the challenges of diversity for health care organizations?

What challenges do health care organizations face when treating patients where differences in culture and language exist?

What kind of planning is required to ensure quality of care and improve communications?

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