Interview and Social History

This module addressed a variety of tools that may be used to gather the information needed to help guide case management and decision-making for the client. After reading all of the assigned chapters this week, use the strategies outlined in Chapter 15: First Interview and Chapter 16: Social History to interview someone other than a family member or significant other (i.e., friend, or other acquaintance). From that interview, develop a social history on the person. The forms in Appendix C (page 454) [In the 4th Edition of the text, this is Appendix B starting on page 429] may be a useful guide for your interview.

  • Describe in a few sentences how you recruited someone to let you interview them (3-4 sentences).
  • Write up a complete social history on the person (at least 800 words) using the outline in Chapter 16.
  • Keep the person’s name and any personally identifiable information anonymous (i.e., do not say this is my father).
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