International Development Policy/Program Brief

I have to prepare a “policy brief” for the decision maker, in order to help him/her reach an informed decision on a current sustainable development problem requiring policy alternatives.
The program I chose was The Sierra Club. They have chapters in The U.S. and Canada and the policy is their zero waste policy. You can use this policy and program or if you think there is a better policy out there, let me know and you can use that instead.
The assignment has two goals: first, to give you the opportunity to explore an international policy or program of your choice in some depth. Second, to show you how to carry out basic policy/program analysis to suggest future policy solutions to an existing environment-development problems.

This assignment requires you to do three things:

Summarize the objectives and current status of an existing international sustainable development policy or program
Evaluate its effectiveness in theory and in its real-life implementation
To propose recommendations

The paper is to be 2-5 pages. single spaced. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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