international and organizational culture

Read Chapter 2 in “International and Organizational Culture” (Konopaske et al., 2018) and pay close attention to the information on international cultures and social values as illustrated by Hofstede’s framework that identifies five value dimensions, including power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism/collectivism, masculinity/femininity, and short-term/ long-orientation.

Respond to the following discussion questions:

  1. Considering your cultural norm, how did you score on each dimension? Did the results surprise you? Explain.
  2. How understanding of cultural values may enhance your effectiveness in accomplishing work tasks with peers from other cultures? Explain.
  3. What new behaviors could you propose that will enable you to accommodate not only other’s cultural style, but also their cultural expectations of you in the workplace? Explain.

Respond with a substantive and succinct post of 250-350 words and make at least two substantive comments (50-100 words) to other posts.( when you done with post i will send you the other two post to reply)

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