information paper

Write a two-page (a full two pages), double spaced, 12pt font paper about

You can choose any aspect that you want to discuss about South Africa. You
need at least two outside sources (meaning sources other than the book or
notes). Your sources should be a reliable source so, no sources such as
Wikipedia or other opinion/edited sites. Blogs and personal websites can be
referenced if you are demonstrating a point-of-view or providing insight to
a culture, society, event, or any other aspect that would benefit from a
firsthand experience being told. Referencing videos are allowed too; please
provide the link to the video on your reference page.

In addition to this paper I will need a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation
about South Africa.

The presentation can be submitted either as a PowerPoint or a PDF. It needs
to be “presentation ready”. What this means is that the presentation should
appear ready and complete to be presented in front of an audience.

The paper does not need to follow any particular formatting style. But it
should still include all of the information a proper citation would hold

References do need to be cited (whether they are paraphrased or quoted
directly) both in-text and on a reference page.

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