Industrial Safety and Health

Emergency mitigation blueprint in industrial institutions


An accident within any working environment is an occurrence which can essentially shut down the operations of any institution as well as it can disrupt operations, cause injury to persons cause environmental degradation as well as causing financial breakdown. An emergency preparation strategic planning is an issue which has to be looked into with much keen understanding on the causative agents of accidents as well as understanding the risks which might result in the harm of occupants. Emergency preparedness can significantly reduce accidents/incidences though may not fully eliminate these occurrence.

The Murphy’s Law states that if anything can go wrong then at one time it will. Emergency preparedness is more of thinking strategically on the basis of what if it is on this basis that industrial institution which bears a good number of employees working as well as very huge financial investment which has been pumped into the infrastructural development. Accidents and emergency cases within industrial institutions should at all-time be treated with seriousness that it deserves. More and more research has been developed on the general emergency and accidents blue print.

This project tries to establish a blueprint which guides industrial institutions on the basis of how emergency and industrial incidences can be reduced and forms the basic understanding on the possible emergency mitigation measures.

Background information

It is a safety requirement for citizens working within a wide spectrum in the economy of each country. The government provides a blue print through the occupational and safety act (OSHA, 2007) which mandates any institution to provide adequate and sufficient emergency and incident mitigation. Any industrial institution without regards of the size should in all cases provide safety to the employees and occupants. Employee safety is of much importance because it touches on individual life and cannot be compared to buildings which can be covered by insurance institutions. With many occurrences of industrial accidents, a blue print should be established to guide the process of possible accident mitigation.

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