Industrial Ecology Wk 3 Project 2

Consider the following scenario:

A new industry is moving to your city. You will act as a consultant who represents entities with an interest in industrial ecology. While you, as a consultant, are in favor of the new industry in town, you want to promote the production of environmentally responsible products.

Select one of the following industries:

  • Water industry
  • Fuel cell industry
  • Green retailing
  • Green chemical industry
  • Building retrofitting
  • Smart grid technology

Note. You may select your own industry.

Choose one of the following audiences to write a new industry ecology report for their benefit:

  • City council meeting – You write a persuasive report for the council members.
  • Manufacturing company or trade meeting – You write a persuasive report for the manufacturing or trade meeting.
  • Ecology club meeting – You will write a persuasive report for the club membership.

Select a product to be produced from your selected industry.

Write a 700 to -1,050-word new industry ecology report that addresses life cycle assessment for the proposed product while addressing the appropriate system level. Include the following:

  • A persuasive argument, based on your audience, for this new industry in favor of producing environmentally responsible products
  • A basic life cycle analysis on the proposed product
  • An explanation of the design and development of symbiotic relationships as a selling point for the new industry

Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.

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