in anthropology we need to read a 9 pages and write 330 1000 word document with some questions to ask about the topic in class

“Think Piece” Requirements

Your think piece must minimally:

  • review the main points, supporting arguments and evidence/illustrations offered by the author
  • offer a personal reaction to the work (how you feel about it and why) as a reasoned critique, with supporting argument
  • comment on how this work relates to other you have read, to material you have studied in other courses, or to something you learned outside of school
  • remark on how a better understanding of this topic can relate to “real life” and the production of new anthropological discourses
  • note particular items (statements, names, titles, situations, conflicts, ironies, anything of interest) that seem especially significant or puzzling to you
  • generate three questions about these items to ask in class (“How” and “Why” questions are especially good)

Each think piece should be a minimum of 300 words and should not exceed 1000. Your observations and comments should clearly demonstrate that you have thoroughly read the article, if you answer to points a-f (above) with integrity, your think piece will get a “100”. You will receive a “0” if you do not. There is no “in between” grade for mediocre attempts at completing an assignment just to meet a requirement. This is about honing your critical thinking skills (and being able to contribute to a class discussion), not just getting a grade.

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