Improving Performance and the Auditing Process

Having rational health care delivery systems means little if the quality of service clients receive is poor. Discuss the use of quality as a control tool in public health. Then provide a brief review of two (2) quality measurement tools used by health care organizations as a means to improve their services. Lastly, discuss the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program. part B AIDS challenged the 20th Century dichotomy of infection diseases in the underdeveloped world and chronic diseases in the industrialized nations. AIDS linked both worlds in a global plague, mimicking past epidemics, such as cholera, yellow fever, leprosy, syphilis, and the plague. Yet AIDS is a different kind of plague: It is less communicable, and its course is more chronic. The prevention of AIDS, in a sense, belongs to both the first and the second epidemiologic revolutions. Write a short paper addressing the following 1. Give a brief quantitative description of the AIDS problem in the U.S. and throughout the world. 2. Explain at least three (3) measures countries have taken to control the spread of AIDS among their populations. 3. Recommend at least two (2) measures that you believe have been or would be effective in controlling the spread of AIDS. Why?

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