Identify a health/healthcare issue/topic that is of specific interest to you

  1. Identify a health/healthcare issue/topic that is of specific interest to you (see list at end of syllabus). ONLY TOPICS FROM THE LIST WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  2. Complete a preliminary search of your selected topic and begin to gather reputable, relevant evidence. You will eventually need at least eight (8) reputable sources.
  3. Send an email (via Canvas course site) to course professors, outlining your proposed health/healthcare issue/topic.
  4. Evaluation of Proposal Email (10% of course points)

Outlines a specific Health/Healthcare Issue that is relevant to course objectives and content

Required Content:

  1. Statement of proposed topic
  2. Outline of the four sections (see items 4a-d below for list of the four sections) of the proposed PowerPoint. Cite reputable sources for each of the four sections. The four sections are:
    1. Description of the issue/topic
    2. Relevance and significance of the issue/topic
    3. Impact of the issue/topic on health, health status, and/or healthcare in the United States
    4. Challenges/barriers to incidence reduction, implementation, resolution/improvement?

    3. Make sure to include at least 2 bullet points and cite reputable sources for each of the 4 sections. Must use at least two (2) scholarly references in the proposal (full citation required)

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