identification of system to be evaluated, health and medicine homework help

APA Format, Citation and references. And please avoid PLAGIARISM. 4 to 5 pages 

 I will work with you through the semester to finish the papers. ( four drafts) 

paper #1 

Content Requirements-

This is the introduction to your paper 

1. Identification of system to be evaluated and why selected. I choose King County emergency health services in Seattle. 

2. Description of system for example, the populations, Age, Gender, ethnicity, education level, density. Environment: Distance form hospitals geological. 

the overall system: budget, number of employees administrative how many emergency calls per years? how many medical station is there? how they dispatched for the emergency calls? 

3- Description of challenges system is facing for example: $ money , or do they have enough staffing, they do have all equipments. 

4. Summary problem statement here, I need what is the overall the thesis are? what we gonna talk about mostly Let me know if I can work with you Thanks

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