i need to write a peer review short paragraph

this is an example of how it should look like:

“I am satisfied with our group dynamic and would rate it a 8/10 with great potential to improve even more. We obviously have problems every now and then, especially in the beginning while finding a business idea and while creating the presentation. Allocating the positions and tasks for each member of the group was as simple matter and also eventually defining our most important organizational goals. Finding dates where all 5 of us were free was also no problem which can be attributed to the high motivation of each team-member. In my eyes, the biggest challenge was to have everyone motivated and productive at the same moment and to get everyone to have a similar understanding of the requirements imposed to us. All of us are at the same level of skills in management related tasks which made it laborious and sometimes demotivating for us to develop concepts, but all the more motivating and rewarding when having accomplished a task. After several meetings, we figured out how to work in the most efficient and effective way: a classroom with a whiteboard for brainstorming, everyone has laptop with him and a internet service that allowed us to simultaneously work at the same document. The biggest problem of organizing was therewith resolved which made it much easier and faster to accomplish part 2 of the group project. “

But i would need it in my own words and a bit more creative.

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