i need help with this paper i have attached the prompt i gave you all the instruction on the following pages you will find sever

On the following pages, you will find several of Maria Guadarrama’s cartoons.Select only one to write about for Essay #1.Each cartoon is only one page.

How to cite the cartoon

You must cite the cartoon that you select by creating a Work Cited page.Please use the formatting instructions found in your Rules for Writers textbook on page 460 (#53). Also, keep the following in mind:

  • The cartoonist’s name is listed below.
  • Each cartoon does NOT have an actual title, so use “Cartoon” as the title when creating your Work Cited entry.
  • The URL, date of access, and publisher info are below.

Cartoonist’s Name: Maria Guadarrama

Website: www.boredpanda.com/everyday-life-comics-guada-scri…

Date of Access:1/13/2020

Publisher: boredpanda

IMPORTANT:Should you have questions about MLA citation for this assignment, please post to our “Question & Answer” discussion forum. Thanks.

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