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11 the ionization energies (Kl/mol) of hydrogen, nitrogen, sodium and oxygen are 1,3,1,2  1,4,402,1,681,and 1,314, respectively. Which element combination is LEAST likely





12 which of the following is a bond in which a metal transfers one or more electrons to a nonmetal

covalent bond

metallic bond

hydrogen bond

ionic bond

13 which of the following statements BEST expalins why a salt soulution conducts electricity

the salt crystals remain intact and form bridges by which electric charges move

the ions move freely in water and carry electric charges 

the ions move freely in water but lose their charges

the salt cyrstals dissolve and form bridges by which electric charges move

14 which of the following is the CORRECT name for a compound with two copper atoms and one oxygen atom

copper (2) oxide

copper (1) oxide


copper (l)oxide

15 in a piece of silver where would you find the valence electrons

attracted to a cation

shared between a caiton and anion

moving freely between the cations

attached to an anion

16 which of the following BEST describes bronze

a mineral one containing copper and tin

a copper-tin alloy

an ionic compound of copper and tin

a pure metal

17 in which of the following substances does sharing of electrons between two atoms occur





18 electrostatic forces hold which of the following together

K+ and Br- in KBr

oxygen and hydrogenatoms in OH-

Cu atoms and localized electrons in copper

He atoms in helium gas

19 a salt forms in the reaction of aluminum with chlorine what is the most likely formula unit of this salt





20 which of the following would have a electrostaic force of attraction between them

Cs+ and Li+

Na+ and Ar

Cl- and O^2-

Fr+ and p^3-

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