i need help in mythology

I need a help in homework of MYTH AND LITERATURE class. The homework is an online discussion and


2 parts
. First part, due Mar 21, you have to


to a question and the answer needs to be at least 3 well developed paragraphs and thoroughly address all aspects of the question

After that, will be evaluated by the instructor and comments and suggestions will be added. Second part, will post after April 1 and due in 2 days, you can add comments to to make changes to your original post if desired AND make


AT LEAST ONE REQUIRED response to another student’s discussion post

. And if someone


me a question you need to answer.


The discussion questions:

As you were assigned Books 22 in Powell’s translation of the Iliad this discussion segment will include

specific analysis
of specific readings in Book 22 which covers the ‘Death of Hektor’. Each specific reading contains examples of the most stirring scenes in the entire poem.

Readings from Powel “The Iliad” – Although I expect you read the entire Book 22 this question addresses Lines 156-351. FIRST: What roles

the gods (Zeus, Apollo, and Athena) play in the fate of both Achilles and Hektor?

SECOND: How has the story led us to this fateful confrontation between Hektor and Achilles? You can see how these two questions are linked.

IN YOUR RESPONSE: Use specific examples in your response from the text. Consider such elements as Zeus and death of mortals; the hubris of Hektor

the armor from Patroclus; the deceptive lie told by Athena to force Hector to face Achilles; the cold iron of Achilles heart; and don’t forget to pay special attention to the Lines: 240-260 “no trusted oaths between lions and men”

and any other factors you want to address


***Note homework is 2 parts, and make sure it’s not same to another student because you may find others.

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