i have five counts of python assignments which are overdue

Can you please help me with them. I only have 12 hours.

Here is the first one:

You are given a text file with some text and some blanks. It’s like a template file. You are required to write a python program which will read the text file and fill the template blanks with the best value from the given Suggestions.

Here are the suggestions for the blanks:

`since I left ___ college: for, to
I am very ____ for my thoughtlessness: Sorry, mad
I am getting ___ pretty well now: up, along
I had nowhere to ____ : Leave, live
welcome the baby and give ___ the same love: it, him
I am ____ taking daily. : often, now
welcome him into the family with ____ arms:good,open
his skin color is ____ darker than ours: somehow, somewhat
am sure you will love him _____ do: As I, Likewise
his father is an ____ gunbearer: great, important
I want to tell you ____ no dormitory fire: there was, there is
I am _____ a D in sociology: failing, getting
I wanted you to see these marks in ____ perspective: better, proper

Write a python program to fill in the blanks and output the story in the template.

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