hw help, need fast quick answers, no math

During osmosis the volume of the less concentrated solution …..

1.  increases

2.  decreases

3.  stays the same

4.  depends on the concentrations involved

5.  none of the above

my guess decrease

Which of the following statements about gas solubility in liquids is false?
a. Most gases that are soluble in water are polar or react with water.
b. Gas, liquid solid formation is always endothermic.
c. Gases are more soluble under high pressure than under low pressure.
d. Gas solubility decreases with increasing temperature.
e. A carbonated beverage will go flat more slowly in the refrigerator.

my guess C

Which of the following is the most appropriate explanation of the following observation “hydrogen chloride gas HCL, is very soluble in water”

1.  Opposites attract. Polar solutes dissolve in non-polar solvents and vice versa

2.  Water is a polar solvent and it promotes the ionization of many polar molecules

3.  Water promotes the dissociation of many ionic solids

4.  Gases that interact only slightly with solvents dissolve freely

5.  Relatively light weight molecules are generally more soluble in water than heavier molecules

my guess #2

What aqueous solution would have the highest vapor pressure at 25c

a.  1M NaCl

b.  1M Na3PO4

c.  1M sucrose C12H10O11

d.  1M MgCl2

e.  1M sulfuric acid H2SO4

my guess C

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