human growth and developement

Module 2: Attachment Styles Essay


B) For this discussion, watch the movie Babies (2010), which you can find through Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, in public libraries, or at your local DVD rental store. After watching the movie, answer the following questions:

  • What is attachment style and why is it important to be aware of attachment during infancy and early childhood?
  • What behaviors and interactions did you notice in the movie that might produce a secure attachment?
  • What behaviors and interactions did you notice in the movie that might produce an insecure attachment?
  • How might attachment style manifest differently in these four cultures?

Submit this assignment to the Dropbox.

Module 2: Theory Application Paper: Thinking Ahead


For this assignment, you will refer to the Theory Application Project Rubric for explicit information about the paper due at the end of the course. Be sure to carefully read the entire document so that you understand the big picture before embarking on any of the smaller steps, which are provided to help you manage your time and this course-long deadline.


  • For the Thinking Ahead step, write a brief description of the developmental stages you are considering writing about, which theorist you are leaning towards and why, and the movie you are considering watching.
  • Submit the first step in this ongoing project to the Dropbox.

Module 2: Gender Identity and Parenting Styles 4/3-4/11

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In this discussion, you will get the chance to focus on either gender identity or parenting styles in your own life or in popular culture. By applying the concepts of human growth and development to yourself, you will deepen your understanding of them. In 500 words


Post your response to either option A or B in the forum with an appropriate subject line that includes which option you have chosen. Respond to at least two other student posts, either offering comparisons if you did the same option, or furthering the discussion with questions or research suggestions if you chose a different option.

A) Reflect on your early childhood, thinking about how you were parented. Please provide specific examples from your own life story throughout your post and answer the following questions:

  • Which of the four parenting styles did your parents tend to use the most?
  • How did you come to this conclusion?
  • How is (or would) your own parenting and discipline styles be different or the same from what you experienced in early childhood? Why?
  • How might your particular culture influence your parenting styles?
  • When does parenting end?


B) Please watch a children’s television show or station (Disney Channel would work well, but you can also choose Nickelodeon, Nick Junior, Saturday morning cartoons, etc.) for exactly one hour, including all commercials. As you watch these shows and commercials, pay very close attention to underlying messages and assumptions about gender roles, stereotypes, and sex-typed behaviors.

After describing what you saw, please give us your personal reaction and include answers to the following questions:

  • What were you surprised and not surprised about?
  • What is this show/commercial trying to tell children about what is appropriate for each gender?
  • What does it mean to be a little boy or little girl according to the shows/commercials you watched?
  • How does the media influence our view of appropriate gender roles in our society?
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