HSC4404 University of West Florida Medical Management & Disaster Strikes HW

Submit a 3 page paper in APA format

What occurs in a hospital when disaster strikes?

Nurses and doctors and other clinicians may get sick and are also affected by a disaster or epidemic. What does this mean for the care of patients who need them?

What are the ethics that guide clinicians in these instances?

What can each of us do to prepare and remain prepared for a disaster or epidemic?

What supplies and medications may be unavailable for everyone who needs them? What supplies are most available?

What duty does a clinician have to care of themselves and their families versus patients during a disaster or epidemic?

Who makes the decisions about who gets care and who doesn’t? What does the concept of “triage” mean and how does it affect those who come to the hospital for care?

Please use the below reference as well as other references. Also please NO PLAGIARISM. Use in-text citation.


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