how i would attract needed investor s is i would have a meeting with some of my family friends and colleagues first


How I would attract needed investor’s is I would have a meeting with some of my family, friends and colleagues first. By doing what is called a “Soft Sale”. Networking is usually the number one tip for new entrepreneurs for good reason— networking allows you to pitch your startup in a less formal, more organic fashion (Morgraine, 1996-2020). Once I present the soft sale, I would present those who are interested with a presentation of the project and product. I would make sure I have samples or examples of the purpose of the product. I would explain my 3 year plan and inform them of what’s needed financially to get the product produced. At this point I would open the floor for comments and questions and ask if anyone would like to invest in the product. We would discuss where the finances would go and how the investors would make there money back. I would also asked if anyone would like to work for the company as well. Investor’s can also be the best employees.

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