How can the U.S Rebuild their primary care workforce (primary care physicians, nurses and etc.)

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“Your paper topic should focus on the impact of the ACA on some aspect of health care service delivery in the US.

Please remember to use APA 6.0 format in your citations for both assignments.

The minimum required length of the Final Research paper itself is 6-7 pages of text (maximum of 10 pages), plus the title page, abstract page & references. All papers must follow APA 6.0 format for research papers, and include at least three different, referenced and peer-reviewed sources other than assigned readings or the textbook for this class. Internet sources that include information other than web-available journals, are NOT acceptable for this assignment as part of the required three sources. Brochures, or interviews also are not acceptable as part of the minimum number of sources required. Such sources may be used – but only as supplements to the three ‘acceptable’ sources required for this assignment.”

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