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3210 Key Assessment

Prescribe a three stage plan for developing a motor skill as part of a sport, fitness, or rehabilitation unit for a mock population. For each stage of your chosen skill, reference both Fitts’ and Bernstein’s stages of learning and apply those characteristics to the 5 topics below. This is a term paper and should be written as a 5 paragraph essay. Each paragraph should contain the subheadings listed below, and fully discuss each topic in reference to all 3 stages of learning.

  1. ASSESSMENT: Select an appropriate means to assess performance at each of the three skill levels. Consider performance outcome measures vs performance production measures. Consider the differences between practice sessions and test sessions and how they differ at different stages of the skill. What components from Gentile’s taxonomy will be present at the end of each of the three stage plan?
  2. PROGRESSION: Reference Gentile’s taxonomy to identify the key components at all three stages of the skill. How will various components be added to the skill to aid in progression throughout each stage? As the learner progresses, discuss changes in attention, motor programs, error detection, and overall perceptual skills. Make reference to the amount of progress that occurs during each stage. Additionally address the idea of degrees of freedom, freezing, effectiveness, and efficiency between the stages.
  3. OFF-TASK PRACTICE: Discuss motivation, instructions (verbal & modeling), and mental practice/imagery. Describe these concepts and how they differ as the learner progresses from stage 1 to stage 2, and from stage 2 to stage 3 of your specific skill. Discuss when these concepts could be most beneficial to the learner. Reference chapter 10 for additional help.
  4. FEEDBACK: Discuss augmented feedback that you might give for each stage of the skill progression. How much at each skill level? What type at each skill level? Feedback should address 1) most common errors and 2) incorporate some positive feedback. Refer to chapter 11 for more information on augmented feedback. Make sure to reference knowledge of results vs knowledge of performance, faded feedback, bandwidth feedback, and summary feedback. Also consider differences in feedback during the movement vs feedback after the movement.
  5. PRATICE CONDITIONS: Plan varying practice conditions for each of the stages of skill progression. Specifically include: how long will each practice session last? How many practice sessions per week? How much, and what type of practice variability will be incorporated into practice sessions at each level? Discuss whole practice vs. part practice, blocked vs. random practice, constant vs variable practice, and massed vs distributed practice for each skill level.
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