To assist the student in understanding the processing of patient information. Instructions for Student Answer the questions below based on your review of the written procedures and your observations of the assembly and analysis processes. In a typed report include the following information about this project: (APA or MLA format, 2 pages minimum)

1. Describe the manner in which patient information are obtained in the health information management (HIM) department after the patients have been seen by the physician/healthcare worker or discharged from the facility. If facility is fully EHR, how is the patient encounter information accessed – from what application? What information is available?

2. How soon after the encounter is the patient information available in the HIM department?

3. Describe the method used to determine that all information from the patients encounters/hospital stays have been received.

4. Describe how the record is assembled (universal order of chart). If EHR, how are the records processed? If hybrid, how are the records processed? Describe the scanning process. What information is scanned? Who does this task?

5. (Separate from 2-page minimum) Prepare a flow diagram of the analysis process, explained in question #4, using PowerPoint drawing tools or Smart Art in Microsoft Word. Show the workflow process for assembly and analysis. Be clear in your explanations so that others can understand the workflow you depict in your drawing. You can develop a mock scenario to show the flow of information movement.

Search the Internet for examples of process flow diagrams or refer to your HIT program textbooks.

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